D'gipro Launches C To Fpga Tools, Training And Libraries

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1st April 2009, 02:45am - Views: 987

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D'Gipro Launches C to FPGA Tools, Training and Libraries

BANGALORE, Mar. 31 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    Engineers accelerating image, signal and data processing C code just gained

another method. D'Gipro added Impulse C to their line. Begun in 1993, D'Gipro is

India's leading EDA solutions vendor, having provided tools and training to over

2000 engineers. Impulse C extends this to engineers working with compute

intensive algorithms which can now be parallelized to run faster in FPGA. FPGAs

offer a lower power, massively parallel fabric that accelerates designs by

operating multiple streams in parallel. In this way FFTs, up/down converters and

a broad range of in-line processes can be offloaded on to the FPGA to reduce bill

of materials costs and increase system performance.

    Impulse C is comprised of a set of powerful analysis, parallelization and

interconnection tools. Designs begin device independently so they can be tried in

various FPGA architectures. Developers partition critical processing elements to

FPGA fabric, where they run in multiple, optimally configured logic blocks,

embedded processor cores or off-FPGA discrete components like DSPs. Impulse C

handles low level hardware interconnection so streams, signals, memory and I/O

automatically work properly. Impulse libraries further accelerate this process by

offering pre-optimized C and HDL modules for common tasks like filters. Finally,

training is offered to help teams get a quick, accurate start on moving their

first C design to FPGA. 


    This methodology serves software and hardware design teams.  Aerospace,

telecommunications, consumer electronics, research institutions and financial

services organizations use Impulse tools. The worldwide Impulse community is over

1,200. Impulse is part of an open, vibrant ecosystem of device manufactures, IP

library providers, design services and training organizations. Please contact

D'Gipro to arrange for a consultation to learn more about the Impulse design

environment. www.dgipro-automation.com

    "We see the engineering community looking to FPGA-based parallel computing as

a way to achieve higher throughput at lower power" said Suresh Kumar, Director of

D’Gipro. He continued "Impulse C makes this capability much more accessible for

designs that would have otherwise gone to DSP or microprocessor."

    Impulse C is the market leader in software-to-FPGA solutions for image

processing, providing C-to-FPGA programming solutions for a wide variety of FPGAs

and platforms. The Impulse C compiler and libraries support rapid design

iteration and algorithm refactoring, providing visibility and control to software

programmers targeting hardware-accelerated systems. Also available are customized

FPGA libraries, reference applications and FPGA training services.


    CONTACT:  Brian Durwood, 



              or Suresh Kumar, 


              both for D'Gipro

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