Aussie Duo Breakthrough Weight Loss With Dna

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13th October 2010, 06:14pm - Views: 2314

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Melbourne-Based Dynamic Duo’s Journey Across Four Continents Spanning

More Than 27 Years In Search Of Answers For Helping Frustrated Women

Lose Weight, Decrease Menopause-related Symptoms and Regain Their Lost

Youth with Personal Genetic Profiling...

Mr. Matt Patti, Australia’s Exercise Professional of the Year and Mr. Paul Beaver a

Doctor of Engineering are both long time devotees to finding the key to unlocking the

secrets to achieving sustained health, energy and vitality for women across


Even though nearly 20 years separates them in age, both Matt and Paul are best of

friends and extremely passionate about their role in empowering women through

health. So much so, in 2007 they formed a company called FitGenes, a health and

lifestyle company which employs Personal Genetic Profiling to help maximise

women’s (and men’s) potential for Healthy Living and Healthy Aging ®.

Through several market trials and years of research this dynamic par believes they

have designed the most comprehensive proactive health program for women on the

market. Matt and Paul found that by analysing up to 40 well researched, health-

related genes this gave their programs the edge to eliminating the guesswork™

associated with hit and miss methods of health and weight loss, like: fads diets, pills

and potions and strenuous gym programs.

Among their success stories is Mrs. Cindy Schultz, a 54 year old mother of three (3)

from Melbourne who contacted Matt and Paul 18 months ago suffering from high

blood pressure, depression, sleep deprivation, unexplained weight gain and was short on ideas on how to overcome her frustrations.

Within a few short weeks of starting working with Paul and Matt, Cindy had

experienced a remarkable transformation in health. To her Doctor’s surprise, Cindy’s

blood pressure had reduced significantly; her weight and fluid retention was reduced

and she was able to leave the house without fear or worry to do her usual duties.

As with Cindy, Matt and Paul both believe the answer to many of women’s health

and weight-related issues lie in this own DNA. Through implementing personalised

nutrition, exercise and lifestyle strategies matched to their genes women can achieve

sustained health, energy and youthfulness within a very short period of time.

FitGenes will soon embark on Proactive Health Program trials in Kuala Lumpur and

begin educating other allied health professionals in Victoria on the benefits of their

systems and strategies for maximising health through personal genetic profiling and

targeted lifestyle strategies.

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Those individuals seeking to maximise their health, weight loss or cardiovascular

fitness can now benefit from the insights achieved through personal genetic profiling

from as little as $395 which includes: an in depth personal genetic profile of 40

genes, comprehensive educational guide and one-on-one health consultation.

For more information contact

Matt Patti, Chief Operations Officer & Co-founder: 

+61401 499 605

Company Background:

FitGenes is a Proactive Health and Lifestyle company seeking to maximise the

health, fitness and aging of Australians through the use of cutting-edge nutrigenomic

and genetic profiling science.

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