Lightlake Therapeutics Inc Receives Ethical Approval To Begin Subject Selection For Future Phase Ii

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3rd December 2009, 10:21pm - Views: 890

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Lightlake Therapeutics Inc Receives Ethical Approval to Begin Subject Selection for Future Phase II

Clinical Trial for New Obesity Drug, in Helsinki, Finland

HELSINKI, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    After two decades of scientifically and medically proven success in their

field, Lightlake Therapeutic's experts have been granted ethical approval to

begin selecting and gene testing subjects for a trial of a simple, safe and

effective treatment for what the World Health Organisation has described as a

global epidemic of unhealthy eating and obesity.

    A Phase II trial for the everyday treatment against obesity and the

overeating of unhealthy food, by nasal spray and a behavioural programme,

will aim to prove that Lightlake's treatment can break the addictive habit of

unhealthy eating, significantly reduce weight, and train the mind to embark

on a healthier dietary lifestyle and sustained weight-loss.

    Obesity is an epidemic that is resulting in millions of preventable

deaths worldwide. (1) The American Cancer Society estimates that over 100,000

Americans are dying from obesity and over eating related cancers every year

and the estimated healthcare cost alone is $147 billion every year. (2)

    By 2012, it's expected that more than two billion people will be

overweight and 600 million will be obese. The U.S. Center for Disease Control

and Prevention and Department of Health in the UK both estimate that 60% of

men and 50% of women and 25% of children will be obese by 2050 if current

trends continue. (3)

    Lightlake has been given ethical approval to begin subject selection for

Phase II clinical trial under the direction of its trial coordinator

Professor Hannu Eero Rafael Alho, Professor of Addiction Medicine, University

of Helsinki. The Trial is being conducted in conjunction with the National

Institute for Health and Welfare, in Helsinki. It will last 6 months and

results are expected in the fall of 2010.

    Lightlake is pioneering the treatment of one of the world's biggest

killers and will be initially focused on addressing one form of obesity 


Binge Eating Disorder (BED) - that effects one in three obese people. To 

date existing interventions from diets to drugs and surgery have failed to 

deliver a sustainable solution to the obesity epidemic that is resulting in 

the global healthcare crisis. Those products currently on the market have 

questions of efficacy and may come with undesirable side effects. This 

trial marks a new departure in the treatment of obesity.

    Lightlake Therapeutics is an international team of research scientists,

pharmacologists and doctors backed by investors, who are pioneering the

search for a safe, effective and simple treatment for the epidemic of obesity

and unhealthy eating. Its expertise is derived from an existing treatment

that has recorded a 78% success rate in treating the over consumption of


    Dr. David Sinclair, Ph.D., Lightlake's Chief Science Officer says:

    "Most human behaviour is driven by a system of reinforcement controlled

by powerful brain chemicals. We have learnt how to regulate these brain

chemicals using an active compound that is extremely safe and effective, so

that bad eating habits are progressively reduced, and good eating is

promoted. Delivery is through a pocket sized nasal spray that is easy and

convenient to carry. The treatment begins working progressively from the

first day to reduce the urge to eat unhealthily. One of the real marvels of

the treatment is that it changes what you think about. Dieting and most other

weight reduction procedures have the opposite effect. They make you think

more and more about problem foods. Our method makes the person no longer

consider consuming the specific foods that are unhealthy."

    The active compound used is patented to Lightlake Therapeutics for the

treatment of eating disorders and obesity.

    Says Dr. Roy Eskapa, author of The Cure for Alcoholism:

    "Everyone is looking for the holy grail of a safe and effective treatment

of obesity with minimal side effects. Many who have attempted the journey

have fallen along the way. It's interesting to see that Lightlake's

intervention is based on a successful treatment for alcoholism. It's a large

leap from alcohol to obesity but Dr David Sinclair's experience and proven

success brings believability and credibility to the possibility. "

    This press release contains forward-looking statements. These statements

relate to future events or our future financial performance and involve known

and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our or our

industry's actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements to

be materially different from any future results, levels of activity,

performance or achievements expressed, implied or inferred by these

forward-looking statements. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking

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"predicts," "projects," "potential" or "continue" or the negative of such

terms and other comparable terminology. These statements are only predictions

based on our current expectations and projections about future events. You

should not place undue reliance on these statements. Actual events or results

may differ materially. In evaluating these statements, you should

specifically consider various factors. These and other factors may cause our

actual results to differ materially from any forward-looking statement. We

undertake no obligation to update any of the forward-looking statements after

the date of this presentation to conform those statements to reflect the

occurrence of unanticipated events, except as required by applicable law.

    Notes to Editors

    Dr. David Sinclair, Ph.D. - Chief Science Officer, Lightlake Therapeutics


    Dr. Sinclair began in alcoholism research at University of Cincinnati,

discovering that the usual treatment, forced abstinence, actually increases

craving. After getting his doctorate, he joined the unit on prevention and

treatment of addictions for Finland's National Institute for Health and

Welfare. He subsequently worked on the preclinical studies and clinical

trials proving the concept and on practical implementations. His work is

featured in Dr. Roy Eskapa's 2008 book, The Cure for Alcoholism. Based on his

work, Dr. Sinclair published a behavioural programme for those with impulse

disorders known as the Sinclair Method that has proved highly effective in a

wide range of applications. He has patented similar treatments for various

forms of drug addiction including the use of naltrexone for treating

amphetamine abuse, and has been studying the use of naltrexone for

pathological gambling and a new treatment for panic disorders.


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