Octapharma Group And Fresenius Kabi Enter Into An Exclusive License, Development

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29th October 2009, 10:00am - Views: 1767

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Octapharma Group and Fresenius Kabi Enter Into an Exclusive License, Development and Supply

Agreement for a HESylated Recombinant Protein

BAD HOMBURG, Germany and LACHEN, Switzerland, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    Octapharma Group and Fresenius Kabi have signed a License, Development and

Supply Agreement regarding the use of Fresenius Kabi's HESylation(R) 

Technology to develop a HESylated recombinant protein.

    Under the agreement, Fresenius Kabi will license its proprietary

HESylation(R) Technology to Octapharma. This technology platform is based on

hydroxyethyl starch ("HES") which will be combined with a recombinant protein

from Octapharma's human cell-line platform -- this combination is intended to

generate a therapeutic protein with a superior product profile.

    Fresenius Kabi will seek to adapt and optimize the protein modification

by its HESylation(R) Technology and will afterwards be responsible for

providing the appropriate HES derivative to Octapharma. Under the agreement,

Octapharma will oversee the further development and commercialization.

Fresenius Kabi will receive up-front and milestone payments, research funding

and royalties on sales for licensing of the HESylation(R) Technology.

    Octapharma's human cell-line platform

    Octapharma's core business is the development, production and sale of

high quality human protein therapies from both human plasma and human cell

lines. Over the last twelve years, Octapharma has successfully established

the human HEK293F cell-line platform for the expression of a variety of

recombinant therapeutic proteins on a commercial scale.

    An investigational new drug application for Octapharma's human cell-line

derived recombinant FVIII was filed in the U.S. in May 2008. Using a human

cell-line expression system instead of e.g. hamster cell-lines is expected to

result in possible advantages like improved protein functions, increased

tolerability and the opportunity for reduced immunogenicity.

    HESylation(R) Technology

    HESylation(R) Technology is based on the extensive expertise in the field

of hydroxyethyl starch ("HES") that Fresenius Kabi has gathered as the

world's largest producer of pharmaceutical grade HES. HES is derived from

waxy maize starch and can be metabolized by the body's enzymes. HES solutions

have been safely administered for over 30 years to treat deficient blood

volume and to improve the rheological properties of blood.

    HESylation(R) Technology allows a targeted modification of drugs and

their characteristics by a site-specific coupling to HES molecules. This can

modify key pharmacological parameters such as absorption, metabolization,

half-life, water solubility and safety.

    HESylation(R) Technology is covered by a broad portfolio of intellectual

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    About Octapharma Group

    The Octapharma Group is an independent, Swiss-based biopharmaceutical

company operating worldwide. Octapharma's core business is the development,

production, and sale of high-quality human proteins for the treatment of

life-threatening diseases.

    The Group has more than 3,500 employees in 28 countries, and owns five

modern, state-of-the-art production facilities in Austria, France, Germany,

Sweden, and Mexico, respectively. Sales turnover in 2008 reached Euro 886

million with an EBIT of Euro 256 million.

    For more information about Octapharma Group please visit the company's

    Fresenius Kabi

    Fresenius Kabi is focused on products for the therapy and care of

critically and chronically ill patients in and outside the hospital.

Fresenius Kabi's core product range includes infusion solutions for fluid

substitution, blood volume substitution and intravenously administered drugs

as well as parenteral and enteral nutrition and the medical devices for the


    Fresenius Kabi has more than 20,000 employees worldwide and a global

network of around 55 sales organizations and more than 55 production sites.

In 2008, Fresenius Kabi achieved sales of Euro 2,495 million and an operating

profit (EBIT) of Euro 443 million. Fresenius Kabi AG is a 100% subsidiary of

the health care group Fresenius SE.

    For more information about Fresenius Kabi, please visit the company's web

     SOURCE: Octapharma

    CONTACT: Frank Feller,

                      Manager Business Development of Kabi Innovation Centre,

                      Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbH, 

                     +49-6172-608-8406, frank.feller@fresenius-kabi.com; or

                     Olaf Walter, 

                     International Business Manager,

                     Coagulation, of Octapharma AG, 

                     +41-55-451-21-15, Olaf.Walter@octapharma.ch


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