Sydney Ivf Takes Fertility Talk From The Clinic To The Blog

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11th October 2010, 11:00am - Views: 1500

Sydney IVF Takes Fertility Talk From The Clinic To The Blog

Online Direct Access To The Experts in Fertility

Sydney IVF, ustralia's leading centre for fertility and IVF treatment, has launched a team blog to share their wealth of knowledge and give patients access to experts along the fertility journey.

According to Sydney IVF Group General Manager, Dr Kylie de Boer, the Sydney IVF blog will provide a valuable means to speak directly with the experts outside of the clinic environment.

"With the rise of people turning to Google and chat forums for advice, it is critical that we can be part of the conversations and ensure we help people to find the right information and address the many myths and misconceptions we know are abundant in the online world," Kylie de Boer said.

The bloggers include Sydney IVF's Medical Director, Assoc. Prof. Mark Bowman, Sydney IVF Nurses and Patient Care and Support staff.

Assoc. Prof. Mark Bowman is the first IVF specialist in Australia to blog and also provides information and commentary on his own blog "No missed conceptions".

"Sydney IVF prides itself on the strong relationships we develop with our patients and the blogs are an extension of our commitment to meeting the needs of those who find themselves on the fertility journey".

"Anecdotally, there appears to still be a negative stigma around infertility and people can feel more comfortable discussing issues online. Providing direct access to our team gives those in need a new environment to seek information".

"We know that 90 percent of ustralians look up health information online daily and spend a lot of time listening and chatting to other women online these blogs will supplement these conversations providing answers and insight from the our knowledgeable team," Kylie de Boer said.

Dr Kylie de Boer is a regular guest blogger on where you can find her wider thoughts on female issues.

The Sydney IVF blog team can also be followed and asked questions on Twitter.

Didi Bower IVF Nurse Follow me on Twitter

Robyn Martin Patient Care and Support Manager Follow me on Twitter

Dr Lindsay Gillan General Manager Follow me on Twitter

Associate Professor Medical Director Follow me on Twitter
Mark Bowman

The blog can be viewed by visiting

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