Facevsion Offers True Hd Video Communications To Mass Market

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4th March 2009, 11:17pm - Views: 693

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faceVsion Offers True HD Video Communications to Mass Market

HANOVER, Mar. 4 /PRNewswire-Asia-AsiaNet/  --

    faceVsion Technology Limited (FVT), a market innovator in empowering

consumers and SMEs with face-to-face communications experience anytime, anywhere,

on any screen, today announced the availability of 720p/HD video chat service on

standard broadband network.  The company will also showcase in CeBIT its

innovative FVfone(TM) solution, the first ever full function DECT phone system

that allows users to enjoy HD video chat and multimedia experiences over big TV


    Offering netbook/notebook users or even those without PC experience to enjoy

true HD video chat experience under standard broadband network is a must to bring

HD video chat to the masses.   By inserting FVexpress(TM) into any

netbook/notebook, and/or getting an innovative FVfone(TM) from faceVsion or its

channel partners, consumers and SMEs' can now enjoy true HD chat without any


    FVexpress(TM) and FVfone(TM) are engineered with state-of-the-art technology

at consumer price.  By embedding mainstream HD encoding and decoding algorithms

at chipset level, together with optimized implementations for image quality and

noise cancellation under lowest bandwidth requirements, these cutting edge

solutions is designed for use with a variety of webcams and interoperates with

standards-based third-party video chat applications like Gmail video chat.

    "This announcement is our first step in empowering mass market users with

true HD communication experiences -- from looking real to feeling real, from

exclusive (to corporate users) to affordable (for general public with low upfront

investment), and from location-bound (within conference room) to pervasive

connectivity," said Alex Huang, faceVsion CEO. "Now, with our FVexpress(TM)

and/FVfone(TM), users of Gmail video chat will be able to connect with each

other.  We are bringing a real mass market solution to empower consumers and SMEs

with face-to-face communications."

     "We are pleased to see that faceVsion has chosen to interoperate with Gmail

video chat, which expands the scope of our respective video products," said

Justin Uberti, technical lead for Google Talk. "At Google, we strongly believe in

the use of open standards such as XMPP and H.264, which make it easy for partners

like faceVsion to communicate and interoperate on the Google Talk network. We

look forward to working with all video, voice, and IM providers regarding the

opportunity provided by our open communications network."

    The FVexpress(TM) card and FVfone(TM) are scheduled to ship in Q2 of 2009. 

For more information, please contact info@facevsion.com.

    About FVexpress(TM)

    FVexpress(TM) is a mini-PCI express card embedded with chip-based H.264

encoding/decoding mechanism.  Putting the card into any notebooks/netbooks along

with the bundled QuLives(TM) manager will allow users to enjoy true 720p/HD

chatting experiences under typical home broadband network with mainstream HD-

capable webcams.

    About FVfone(TM)

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    FVfone(TM) is a full function DECT phone in living room allowing users to

enjoy HD video communication and multimedia experiences over their big TV screen.

    About QuLives(TM) manager

    The QuLives(TM) manager is the market leading HD communicator platform for

consumer electronics devices including mobile phones. 

    PR Contact:

     Derek Chim



SOURCE  faceVsion Technology Limited

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