New Free Iphone App Demonstrates Innovative Display Navigation

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6th January 2010, 11:23am - Views: 726

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New Free iPhone App Demonstrates Innovative Display Navigation

HOUSTON, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    INNOVENTIONS, Inc. has released a new free iPhone app that demonstrates its patented RotoView(R) "tilt

and scroll" display navigation system for smartphones. RotoView provides intuitive single-hand navigation,

allowing the user to simply tilt the device left-right or up-down to see beyond the virtual boundaries of the

display. RotoView complements multi-touch, especially when the user cannot use both hands.

    Described by online magazine as one of nine technologies "that could profoundly change

handhelds," RotoView can be incorporated into a wide range of portable devices, including smartphones,

media players, GPS devices, e-book readers, cameras and tablet computers.

    "The new app demonstrates that integrating RotoView technology into smartphones requires only our

proprietary software, because smartphones include built-in accelerometers," said Dr. David Feinstein,

president of INNOVENTIONS. "RotoView works in a complementary way with iPhone's multi-touch, although it

can perform all of the view navigation tasks on its own."

    Under development since the late 1990s, INNOVENTIONS was awarded US Patents 6,466,198 and

6,933,923, followed by European patent EP1,290,672. INNOVENTIONS is currently porting the RotoView

Technology to other smartphone platforms, including Google's Android.

    "Our goal is to integrate RotoView into the core of all mobile operating systems. This will bring fundamental

single-hand view navigation capabilities to every web page, photo, map or other scrollable data view," added

Dr. Feinstein. "We are looking for major smartphone and other personal media device manufacturers to

partner with us to achieve this goal."

    The free RotoView app is now available at the App Store. Users can navigate their photos and get a

glimpse of this new technology, while programmers, product engineers and other prospective partners may

also use this app to evaluate the RotoView technology in great depth.


    INNOVENTIONS, Inc., a private Houston-based company established in 1984, has pioneered a number of

successful electronic devices for the computer industry, including the industry-leading RAMCHECK portable

memory tester. 

    iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple

Inc. RotoView and INNOVENTIONS are registered trademarks of INNOVENTIONS,



    CONTACT: Scott LaRoche, 

             Director of Sales of INNOVENTIONS, Inc.,



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