New Low Cost Gps Simulator Packs A Powerful Punch

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14th April 2009, 08:10pm - Views: 936

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New Low Cost GPS Simulator Packs a Powerful Punch

BUCKINGHAM, Apr. 14 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ -

    As in-car navigation and GPS mobile phones become more

widespread, Racelogic's new GPS simulator, LabSat, released this week, is set

to transform the way manufacturers test and develop navigation devices.

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    With its ability to record and replay real-world data, the new

product answers the demand for efficient and accurate testing of the

increasing numbers of professional and consumer GPS featured products in the


    One of the problems with conventional GPS simulation until now

has been the inability to reproduce real world conditions accurately. The

need to understand the effects of phenomena such as multipath reflections,

atmospheric effects, and dropouts on devices has therefore meant that

products must be taken out into the field and laboriously tested. Because

conditions are always changing, there is little consistency between tests.

    The capacity of LabSat to record and replay real-world data

means that common conditions can be repeatedly reproduced on the bench,

cutting development times as manufacturers no longer need to undertake

multiple, often unreliable physical tests in the field. Using a computer with

a USB 2.0 connection, it records raw signals from a GPS antenna directly to

hard disk, with no limitations on the number of satellites being tracked or

the length of the recording. When the data is replayed, the GPS engine under

test will re-create all the movement and satellite reception encountered,

including all original multipath, satellite obstructions and atmospheric


    Alternatively, for data without artefacts, it can simulate

dynamic scenarios anywhere in the world using the optional Signal Architect

software. External modules allow additional signals to be recorded, such as

inertial, serial or CAN data, and replayed at the same time, perfectly

synchronised with GPS.

    Incorporating all these features into a product the size of a

paperback book, LabSat is highly portable. For use out of the box, it comes

bundled with a 250 GB USB drive with pre-loaded recordings included. And with

prices starting from GBP5,950, LabSat is a worthy competitor to larger, more

expensive systems. For more info, go to

    Racelogic design and manufacture innovative electronic systems for the

automotive and GPS industries. Based in the UK, they have developed GPS

data-loggers, Video-overlay systems, and GPS Simulators since 1992.



    10, Osier Way,


    MK18 1TB. England

    Julian Thomas (Managing Director)

    Harry Nicholas (Marketing Assistant)

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    Source: Racelogic Ltd


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