Stellar Adopts Panviva's Business Process Guidance System

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22nd April 2009, 10:14am - Views: 876

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Media Release

April 22, 2009

Stellar adopts Panviva's Business Process Guidance (BPG) System - Drives down cost while

improving service

Panviva today announced that Stellar, a leading global provider of call centre and business process

outsourcing solutions, will implement its SupportPoint Business Process Guidance software in Australia.

The software will specifically be used to assist Stellar Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to

manage customer relationships on behalf of one of their major clients, a leading Australian gas and

electricity retailer.

SupportPoint was chosen to help reduce the time CSRs spend searching multiple databases and

applications for information, improving the customer experience and the efficiency of the service as well

as reducing errors. 


A key reason for selecting SupportPoint is the fact that the system is agent-specific, allowing Stellar to

analyse how agents are using the system and develop targeted training and coaching programs to close

skill gaps. It also provides a platform for communication of changes to processes or procedures, online

quizzes and other learning tools and links to appropriate web sites or materials.

Stellar operates 19 outsourcing centres globally that employ over 6000 staff. One challenge commonly

faced by any call centre operator is providing staff with the ability to navigate product and business

process information in a timely and intuitive manner.

Stellar CIO Warwick Marx said SupportPoint is offering a new approach to an old problem.

“SupportPoint is a navigator for the enterprise desktop, guiding our CSRs through policies, procedures

and information in real-time. It’s helping us to reduce call times, the reliance on time-consuming and costly

up-front training and errors, which increases our efficiency.”

Panviva CEO David Frenkel said: “SupportPoint’s ability to quickly generate substantial savings in

operational costs is appealing given the current economic climate.

“The implementation of SupportPoint can be self-funded and typically pays back within three to six

months. It’s particularly beneficial to call centres, which have become a target market, so this sale

provides significant validation for what we offer.”

For further information on Panviva’s value proposition for BPO’s and to view a whitepaper, visit


Panviva is the developer of SupportPoint, the world’s leading Business Process Guidance (BPG) system.


Stellar is an established and experienced business process outsourcing company that manages customer

relationships on behalf of a number of blue chip companies.

For further information, contact:

Sarah O’Brien

P: (03) 9827 2760

M: 0408 401 502


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