USP Battery Buyer's Guide

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17th February 2012, 04:03pm - Views: 4412

The simple USP Battery Buyer's Guide guide to help and support prior to purchase will go a long way to prevent buyers remorse. We offer the following approaches to guide your research.

Capacity and Size

The output capacity is the first thing that should be looked at, because it will determine whether the battery has sufficient capacity for a particular computer or device. The minimum requirement is for the battery backup to be able to power the computer long enough to allow for a graceful shutdown. A UPS battery power needs to maintain full power during a blackout for a short period of time while the PC shuts down. Once of the best way is to check the old battery inside your UPS.

Dimension is very important. It is because the space inside a UPS is very limited. If a battery with incorrect dimension is purchased, it most likely will not fit in. The terminal size is vital too. Most of ups batteries are available in more than one terminal size. Their length and width are different. For example, GP1272 battery, the APC RBC48 UPS replacement Batteries, has 2 different types of terminal F1 and F2. F1 adapter cannot be connected to F2 terminal, and F2 adapter cannot be connected to F1 terminal too. Therefore, it is a good idea to find out the dimension of your batteries and the type of terminal before you purchase your batteries.


Why brand is important? Well-known brands are most likely has good reputation and recognizable quality. KT Battery has the best UPS replacement batteries, CSB. CSB is the well-know brand in UPS world. Most of the biggest UPS companies, such as Chloride Power and ETON, choose CSB as the power source for their products.

Check the Date

Make sure the battery you purchase is the "freshest" battery available. A battery that has been sitting on the shelf for extended periods can lose some of its charge and may not provide the performance you need during its first use.


Warranty is important as battery can fail time to time. You should make sure the warrant period suit your need. In general speaking, the longer warranty period, the best it is for you. And whether the warranty is nationwide, you can obtain service wherever you are.

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