Valimo Wireless Introduces Mobile Authentication For Openid

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17th February 2009, 02:13am - Views: 1012

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Valimo Wireless Introduces Mobile Authentication for OpenID

HELSINKI, Feb 16 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    - Valimo Demonstrates how to Apply Mobile Authentication With OpenID to

Sign in to Your Favourite Online Services

    Valimo, the global market leader in mobile ID solutions, introduces

mobile authentication for OpenID. OpenID authentication eliminates the need

for multiple usernames across different websites. Combining Valimo Mobile ID

with OpenID technology creates more convenient and secure identification

service on mobile phones. First deployment of OpenID mobile authentication is

already available from the Turkish service Sifreyok, provided by Pozitron.

    Valimo's Mobile ID enhances OpenID authentication by increasing the

overall security with separate authentication and actual service channels. It

will also be much more convenient for the end-user as he or she only needs to

enter one four digit PIN to access all services registered with OpenID.

During valid session different services can be accessed with just single PIN.

Valimo will demonstrate this at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the

pavilion AV60.

    "For OpenID users, Valimo Mobile ID is a convenient and secure method to

access different online services whether it is on PC or on mobile phone while

on the go. Using services with mobile devices is constantly increasing and

typing long username-password combinations is difficult and time consuming,

especially with 12 key devices. When selecting their OpenID provider, users

expect highly secure log-in process. With our solution OpenID providers can

offer truly secure authentication and a legally binding signature service to

their customers," comments Juha Murtopuro, CEO of Valimo.

    Mobile ID can be used in any service requiring personal authentication,

identification or a legally binding signature. Valimo's Mobile ID is based on

Wireless Public Key Infrastructure (WPKI) technology with the unique private

key stored in a tamper-proof area of the SIM card, and used with a four to

six digit PIN code when prompted. Valimo is the global market leader in

Mobile ID solutions in terms of both installation base and number of active

users. Valimo solutions are used by operators, banks, enterprises, public

sectors and other service providers throughout the world.

    Valimo mobile signature can be used with all mobile phones and devices

with a SIM card inside. It enables a safe and reliable digital authentication

that replaces various tokens, password and code lists. When using an online

service requiring authentication or digital signing, the request is sent to

the user's mobile phone using secured SMS technology. The message pops up on

the phone screen, asking the user to confirm his or her identity or approval

by entering his or her personal PIN code. If the device is lost or stolen the

services cannot be accessed without re-entering the sign in PIN.

    About Valimo

    Valimo turns mobile phones into digital identification cards. The new

breed of Mobile ID replaces the need for a multitude of passwords and tokens.

With Valimo technology, mobile phone users can securely authenticate

themselves and legally sign documents, just by using their mobile phone and a

simple PIN code. Based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, Valimo

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Mobile ID works in every mobile phone with a SIM card inside.

    Valimo's mobile signature solutions are global market leaders in terms of

installation base and number of active users. Valimo solutions are used by

mobile operators, banks, corporations, governments, public sector and other

service providers. Founded in 2000, Valimo Wireless is privately held and

headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. For further information, please visit



    Marika Pirhonen

    Director, Marketing & Communications, Valimo Wireless Oy

    Tel: +358-40-559-33-97

    Email. marika.pirhonen (at)

    Source: Valimo Wireless

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