World's Top Computer Display Brands First To Be Awarded New Tco Certification For High Performance A

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22nd April 2009, 08:53pm - Views: 634

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World's Top Computer Display Brands First to be Awarded new TCO Certification for

High Performance and Green Design

STOCKHOLM, Apr. 22 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

    Products from leading computer display brands Eizo, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo,

Samsung and Terra are first in the world to be awarded the new TCO Certified

designation - recognizing superior design for environment and usability. TCO

Certified is the leading and toughest standard in the world to combine green

qualities and high performance design. This latest standard represents the

5th generation of display standards from TCO Development, and offers the most

advanced environmental criteria yet.

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    "TCO Certified is more than an eco-label, it really goes beyond green

with comprehensive requirements on performance, image quality as well as the

environment," comments Niclas Rydell, Product Manager, Displays at TCO

Development. "We are delighted that computer displays from these world

leading brands are first to achieve the TCO Certified designation. Emma

Sjogren, Project Manager, Environment adds; "We have also taken the

environmental demands to the next level, including even stricter criteria on

hazardous materials, as well as new criteria for Social Responsibility and

reduced climate impact. It's critical that users can choose product that is

designed to minimize the impact on the natural environment, while still

ensuring cutting edge performance."

    Mr Kazuhide Shimura, Managing Officer, General Manager of Product and

Business Development at Eizo Nanao Corporation comments on the achievement;

"We certified our products to TCO because it is the most authoritative new

standard concerning ergonomics, the environment, and safety. We believed it

was essential to address the TCO standard in our product development."

    Bo Lennstrom, Product Marketing Manager, Fujitsu Technology Solutions

adds: "The commitment to ergonomics and environment is at the top of Fujitsu

Technology Solutions' priority list. We are proud to be one of the first

vendors with certified products according to one of the toughest

certifications for displays worldwide."

    For over 20 years, TCO Development has been at the forefront of

environmental and user-centered design for computer equipment. About 50% of

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the world's computer display models carry a TCO label. This has led to he

prevention of approx 50 000 metric tonnes of hazardous flame retardant

materials entering the wastestream, which would otherwise pose a risk to the

natural environment and human health. Annual energy savings amount to 25

terawatt hours - the equivalent of the yearly production of four nuclear

power generators. TCO requirements have also led to improved picture quality

in displays, reducing risk of eyestrain and other user comfort concerns.

    About TCO Development

    TCO Development's objective is to provide users of IT equipment with high

performance products that have a minimal impact on the natural environment.

Since 1992 the TCO certification program has had a significant influence on

improved image quality and ergonomics for displays, as well as the reduction

of electromagnetic emissions from ICT products. Energy efficiency and reduced

usage of hazardous substances are also key aspects of the TCO Certification.

Products covered by the TCO standards are notebook and desktop PCs, displays

and phone headsets. TCO Development is headquatered in Stockholm, Sweden,

with regional presence in Asia, North America and Central Europe.


    SOURCE: TCO Development


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