Yahoo! Attracts More Than Half Of All Searches Conducted In Japan In January 2009

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10th March 2009, 02:08pm - Views: 991

Yahoo! Attracts More Than Half of All Searches Conducted in Japan in January 2009

TOKYO, March 10 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

         January Marks Record Month for Search Volume in Japan with 6.8

               Billion Searches, Up 9 Percent Versus Year Ago

    comScore, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released its ranking of the

top search properties in Japan based on data from the comScore qSearch service. In January, 6.8 billion

searches were conducted in Japan, representing a 9-percent increase versus year ago and the highest

monthly search volume on record.

    "2008 was another year of very solid growth in the search market in

Japan," said Maru Sato, managing director of comScore Japan. "Home to the

third largest Internet population in the world, Japan represents a valuable

market for search engines. It is also one of the more competitive search

markets, with two large companies, Yahoo! and Google, each controlling a

significant share of the market."

    Yahoo! Sites Leads Search Market in Japan

    Yahoo! Sites led the search ranking in Japan with 3.5 billion searches in

January 2009, up 13 percent from the previous year, followed by Google Sites

with 2.6 billion searches (up 5 percent) and Rakuten Inc. with 153 million

searches (up 38 percent). Excite Japan had the strongest growth of any search

property in the top ten, growing 362 percent versus year ago to 52 million


    Top Search Properties in Japan by Search Query Volume

    January 2009 vs. January 2008

    Total Japan Internet Audience*, Age 15+ - Home & Work Locations

    Source: comScore qSearch

                                                     Searches (MM)***

                                              Jan-08      Jan-09    % Change

    Total Internet                             6,219       6,795           9

    Yahoo! Sites                               3,096       3,489          13

    Google Sites**                             2,481       2,596           5

    Rakuten Inc                                  111         153          38

    Microsoft Sites                              119         113          -5

    NTT Group                                     93         103          11

    Amazon Sites                                  80          69         -14

    Excite Japan                                  11          52         362

    NEC Corporation                               58          44         -25

    MIXI, Inc.                                    40          23         -42

    Nifty Corporation                             19          22          14

    *Excludes searches from public computers such as Internet cafes or access

from mobile phones or PDAs.

    **Google Sites includes searches from

    ***The sum of distinct searches. Searches with the same search term by

the same user at the same entity in consecutive sequence are counted as one

search, regardless of the number of search result pages presented.

    Yahoo! Sites Attracts More than Half of All Searches in Japan

    In January, searchers in Japan conducted an average of 100 searches per

Science Information Technology ComScore, Inc. 2 image

searcher during the month. Yahoo! Sites captured 51 percent of all search

queries, followed by Google Sites with 38 percent and Rakuten Inc. with 2


    Yahoo! Sites had the highest frequency of searches per searcher at 62,

followed by Google Sites at 55 searches per searcher. Other search properties

in the top ten with relatively high search engagement included NEC

Corporation (24 searches per searcher), Excite Japan (20 searches per

searcher), and Nifty Corporation (13 searches per searcher).

    Top Search Properties in Japan Based on Share of Search Queries

    January 2009

    Total Japan Internet Audience*, Age 15+ - Home & Work Locations

    Source: comScore qSearch

                                                 Share of        Searches Per

                                                 Searches          Searcher

    Total Internet                                100.0             100.5

    Yahoo! Sites                                   51.3              61.9

    Google Sites**                                 38.2              55.4

    Rakuten Inc                                     2.2               8.5

    Microsoft Sites                                 1.7               9.3

    NTT Group                                       1.5              12.0

    Amazon Sites                                    1.0               6.4

    Excite Japan                                    0.8              19.8

    NEC Corporation                                 0.7              23.7

    MIXI, Inc.                                      0.3               6.1

    Nifty Corporation                               0.3              13.3

    *Excludes searches from public computers such as Internet cafes or access

from mobile phones or PDAs.

    **Google Sites includes searches from

    About comScore

    comScore, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOR) is a global leader in measuring the digital

world and preferred source of digital .marketing intelligence. For more

information, please visit

SOURCE: comScore, Inc.

    CONTACT: Sarah Radwanick of comScore, Inc., 





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