Cellonis' Cell Treatment For Glioma May Prevent Tumor Recurrence And Improve Quality Of Life Signifi

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3rd November 2010, 12:24pm - Views: 1652

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Cellonis' Cell Treatment for Glioma May Prevent Tumor Recurrence and Improve Quality of Life


BEIJING, Nov. 3, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia-AsiaNet/ --

    "For brain cancer patients after surgery, the combined DC-CIK and stem cell therapy from Cellonis

Biotechnologies can be a very effective method in preventing cancer recurrence," says renowned cancer

doctor Dr. Dinggang Li. "This is a new hope for cancer patients". 

    The unique therapy combines the latest stem cell and immuno technology with the benefits of Traditional

Chinese Medicine. Inger Marie Olsen from Norway has recently concluded a cycle of the treatment in Beijing,

and she has been in a stable condition since the first cycle in September 2009.

    Dr. Li has been guiding the treatment of Inger. "Inger's general condition has improved very much," he

remarks. "She can now speak, move, eat and sleep much better, she has improved a great deal. I think her

quality of life is almost back to normal."

    "I was diagnosed with cancer in 2005," Inger explains in a recent interview. "I had chemotherapy,

radiotherapy and three surgeries, but the cancer still came back. A friend of mine read about this new therapy

on the internet and the people of my town arranged a fund to help me come here."

    The Cellonis cancer therapy combines the latest research into cancer stem cells with the advantages of

Traditional Chinese Medicine to create a unique cancer treatment. Dendritic cells, cultured and processed

from blood taken from the patient's body, are loaded with glioma stem cell antigens to create a vaccine that

can activate the immune system to kill cancer cells as well as the cancer stem cells responsible for tumor

initiation and recurrence. Another patient like Inger with glioma who undertook the treatment earlier this year,

Mr. Guy Spavold from Canada, has been in stable condition since April with a good quality of life.

    "In my clinical experience patients with an advanced stage of brain tumor after surgery should be given this

therapy to prevent cancer recurrence," continues Dr. Li. "For glioma patients this comprehensive therapy can

be a real benefit and improve their life quality significantly."

    Cellonis Biotechnologies focuses on R&D and the clinical application of personalized stem cell therapies

and immunotherapies for patients with diseases including cancer, diabetes and central nervous system



    Urs. J. Lienert




    Email: ipsc@cellonis.com


    SOURCE: Cellonis Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.


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