Computerized Brain Exercise Improves Memory

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6th April 2009, 06:26pm - Views: 725

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Computerized Brain Exercise Improves Memory

SAN FRANCISCO, Apr. 6 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

   Breakthrough Study Led by USC and Mayo Clinic of Posit Science Software

    Older adults can significantly improve their memory and performance at

everyday activities by training with computerized brain exercises, according

to a study published today in The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

    The randomized controlled trial of 487 healthy older adults was led by

researchers at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Southern California.

Half were assigned to a group that trained with brain fitness software for

four to five hours a week for eight weeks. The other half spent an equal

amount of time doing traditional coursework on the computer, involving

lectures and quizzes.

    The study found that 97 percent of those using the software, The Brain

Fitness Program(TM) from Posit Science(R), increased their processing speed -- 

typically more than doubling their speed, with an average increase of 131

percent. They also experienced gains on standard measures of memory and

attention of 10 years, on average. In addition, participants reported

significant improvements in performing everyday activities.

    The gains of the brain exercise group were clinically significant; the

gains of the lecture group were significantly smaller and not clinically


    The Brain Fitness Program was developed by a global team of

neuroscientists. It consists of six computer exercises that continuously

adjust based on performance.

    Marlene Allen, aged 75, of Mill Valley, California, participated in the

study. "Now I don't have to write down shopping lists," said Ms. Allen. "And

I almost never walk into a room and forget why anymore."

    "The changes we saw in the experimental group were remarkable," said Liz

Zelinski, PhD, principal investigator from USC. "People got better at the

tasks trained, those improvements generalized to standard measures of memory

and people noticed improvements in their lives."

    The study is the first published in a medical journal to show memory and

attention gains in older adults using a widely available brain fitness


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    About Posit Science:

    Posit Science works with more than 50 scientists from leading

universities to develop its software, which has been shown to significantly

improve processing speed, memory, attention and quality of life in more than

30 peer-reviewed papers. Posit Science has received numerous NIH grants and

other awards and is currently featured in two PBS documentaries: "The Brain

Fitness Program" and "Brain Fitness 2." For more information, visit or call 1-800-599-6463.

SOURCE:  Posit Science

    CONTACT: Robbi Peele of Posit Science 


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