World's Largest-class Residual Pesticide Analysis System Simultaneously Testing 650 Agricultural Che

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4th February 2009, 04:44pm - Views: 1249

World's Largest-Class Residual Pesticide Analysis System Simultaneously Testing 650 Agricultural Chemicals

FUKUOKA, Feb. 4 /Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/--

  QSAI Analysis and Research Center Co. has developed a multi-residue analysis system that can simultaneously

examine 650 different agricultural chemicals remaining in food, the world's largest-class system in the number of

chemicals tested at one time.

  QSAI has begun accepting orders for analysis service based on the system, the "Multi-Residue Analysis for 650

Agricultural Chemicals." It is available for a very cost-effective charge, 273,000 yen per sample (420 yen per chemical).

The system is applicable to any sample, including processed food and non-food items. Upon receiving an order, the

company will file an analysis report within six working days in the earliest case.

1) Multi-Residue Analysis for 650 Agricultural Chemicals

   This is a screening package for quantitative analysis of 650 agricultural 

chemicals. It combines two methods, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry 

and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.

2) Positive List System of Japan

   Japan implemented the system on May 29, 2006, putting a blanket ban on sales of food, including processed food,

containing any of all agricultural chemicals and veterinary drugs in excess of residue limits.


3) Contamination by Chemicals Drifting from Nearby Farms

   The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare reports about 10 cases a year of 

food contamination by agricultural chemicals drifting from nearby farmlands or through irrigation canals.


4) Multiple Analysis Useful in Emergency

   In February 2008, some dumplings were found contaminated with 130 

ppm of methamidophos, or 400 times as much as its legal limit, making many Japanese consumers sick. A number of

organophosphorus pesticides, including 

dichlorvos, parathion, parathion methyl and phorate, were discovered one 

after another from the same dumplings and other imported foods. Some 

companies used a multi-pesticide analysis service examining those five and other chemicals in a single test,

demonstrating the safety of their products 

early and showing that multi-chemical analysis helps reduce risk in business.

  For more information, please visit our website: 

About QSAI:

  QSAI Analysis and Research Center Co. established in January 2003, is an inspection institute officially registered with

the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. In November 2007, the company became the ISO/IEC 17025-accredited

inspection laboratory. 

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SOURCE: QSAI Analysis and Research Center Co.


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