Neurofocus Names John Polich, World-renowned Scientist In Brain Function And Cognition, To Head Glob

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29th January 2009, 12:17am - Views: 650

NeuroFocus Names John Polich, World-Renowned Scientist in Brain Function and Cognition, to

Head Global NeuroLab Operations

BERKELEY, Calif., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire - AsiaNet/ --

   The Scripps Research Institute Expert in Cognitive Neurophysiology Joins  

                     World's Leading Neuromarketing Firm

    NeuroFocus, the world leader in the rapidly-growing field of neuromarketing, announced today that it has

named preeminent cognitive neuroscientist John Polich, Ph.D., as its Director of Global NeuroLab


    The company made this selection as it ramps up the rollout of NeuroLabs in the U.S. and targets

expansion in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea, India, and China as well.

    NeuroLabs are stand-alone neuroelectric testing centers, designed, constructed, and fully staffed by

NeuroFocus teams of neurophysiologists, analysts, and engineers, which operate at client sites. A NeuroLab

performs the same full array of human neurophysiological testing and analysis as does NeuroFocus' main

laboratory at its Berkeley, CA, headquarters. That lab ranks as the world's largest and most sophisticated

EEG facility dedicated to consumer market research. 

                 World's Acknowledged Leading Expert In P300

    Dr. Polich, 61, will oversee all NeuroLab operations for the company. He joins NeuroFocus from The

Scripps Research Institute's Molecular and Integrated Neuroscience Department (MIND), where he has long

been considered one of the world's leading authorities on electrical measures of human cognitive functions,

with over 200 scientific articles published in major neuroscience journals. His 1995 article in Biological

Psychology has been cited more than any other in the journal's history, and his 2007 theoretical overview in

Clinical Psychology is considered groundbreaking. Dr. Polich has spoken at dozens of international scientific

meetings and is viewed as the world's leading expert on the P300, a key index of brainwave activity used to

measure attention, memory, and emotional neural activity in subjects.

    "The addition of John Polich to our senior ranks, with his stature as a world leader in cognitive

neurophysiology, is a major step forward for our company and represents an important new asset for our

clients," Dr. A.K. Pradeep, founder and Chief Executive Officer of NeuroFocus, said. "John's unique

combination of best-in-class scientific knowledge coupled with his proven ability to manage top-tier research

and testing facilities and staff made him the ideal person to head our global NeuroLab operations."

    Growth Drives Call For Top Global Talent In Neurophysiology and Market Research

    Dr. Polich assumes his new role as NeuroFocus is launching an international search for more of the

world's top neurological and research talent. Preparing to meet a projected 300% growth in client research

assignments, NeuroFocus is making the goal of identifying and recruiting the world's most skilled experts in

these fields as one of the company's key priorities in 2009. 

    "Demand for our neurological testing expertise worldwide is driving this recruitment goal," Dr. Pradeep

said. "We want to talk to those who are at the top of these professions. While jobs are disappearing and

economies are in decline, NeuroFocus is experiencing dramatic growth. Our customers are seeing that they

can achieve much more accurate and actionable research results, and make their product development and

marketing dollars work much more effectively and efficiently by tapping into the power of neurocognitive


                       Improved ROI Across All Sectors

    "As major clients experience the demonstrated improvements that a NeuroLab makes across their entire

product design and marketing operations, as well as the potential it offers for improving almost every other

aspect of their business, from investor relations to HR to communications and many more, they also see the

real-world advantages in terms of ROI," Dr. Pradeep said. "In today's economic climate, a NeuroLab is a

Science Science NeuroFocus 2 image

very cost-efficient and effective means of improving ROI across the board; and that explains why we're

seeing such keen interest from companies in building NeuroLabs with us."

    Dr. Polich was on the faculty of the MIND Department at The Scripps Research Institute for more than 25

years, and also taught in the Psychology Department at the University of California, San Diego. Prior to that,

he held research positions at the Neuropsychology Laboratory at the Salk Institute, the Neurology

Department at the Medical School of the University of California at Irvine, and the Cognitive

Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Illinois.

    Dr. Polich received his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Dartmouth. He graduated with honors from the

University of Iowa with a Bachelor's degree in Experimental Psychology.

    About NeuroFocus

    NeuroFocus is the market leader in bringing neuroscience to the world of advertising, marketing, product

development and packaging, and entertainment. The company leverages doctorate-level academic expertise

in neuroscience and marketing from Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, and the Hebrew University combined with C-

suite level business management and consulting experience. 

    NeuroFocus clients include Fortune 100 companies across the consumer package goods, food and

beverage, financial services, automotive, and retail sectors. Entertainment category clients include major

companies in the broadcast and cable television and motion picture industries. The Nielsen Company is a

strategic investor in NeuroFocus.

SOURCE: NeuroFocus

    CONTACT: Tom Robbins of NeuroFocus, 




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