Oceans On The Frontiers Of Science

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7th October 2010, 05:32pm - Views: 1075

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AAS 27/10

7 October 2010

Oceans on the frontiers of science

Oceans absorb a large component of the emitted carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and reduce

the rate of climate change. However, this process also leads to ocean acidification, which has

the potential to harm marine life and damage ecosystems.

Australian and United Kingdom marine scientists will discuss the implications of acidification and

a host of other factors affecting the dynamics and health of our oceans at the 2010 UK-Australia

Frontiers of Science – Marine Science Meeting in Perth from 10 to12 October.

The event is part of the world wide celebrations for the 350th Anniversary of the UK Royal

Society. The Australian Academy of Science and the Royal Society are the major supporters of

the meeting through the Theo Murphy Fund. 

Participating scientists from many disciplines will share their research and exchange ideas on

what is happening in marine environments around the world. Media are invited to attend and

interview participants.

Other topics which will be discussed at the meeting include:

Techniques to enhance carbon sequestration in the ocean

Corals and their associated microbes – implications for health, bleaching and disease

Seasonal iron supply in the Southern Ocean

Stability of North Atlantic deep water formation

The meeting will be opened by Western Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Lyn Beazley at

8.30 am on Sunday 10 October. 

Further information and program:

Event:  2010 UK-Australia Frontiers of Science Marine Science Meeting

Date:  10 to 12 October 2010

Venue:  Rendezvous Observation City Hotel, 140 The Esplanade, Scarborough, Perth

Media Contact:  Sue McKenna on 0011 61 8 9254 4044 or 0424 196 771

or Kerry Hodson on 0011 61 8 9447 0756 or 0438 565 086

Sue or Kerry at the conference venue on 0011 61 8 9340 5628

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