Australian First - Watch Phones Are Now A Reality

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28th January 2009, 04:14pm - Views: 1117

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Media Release

Wednesday, January 28,  2009

Maxwell Smart would be the first to replace his shoe phone with the new Mobile Phone Watch--

-and its technology would not only amaze him but would blow away his predecessors today,

with a combination of technology in a format not yet seen in Australia.  Even Dick Tracy’s

watch phone couldn’t conceive the features of this phone.

The Mobile Phone Watch is now a reality and it’s coming to Australia. NV Phones are the first to

pioneer and commercialise the new phone here with an official launch in Sydney on Friday 30th

of January 2009 at 10.30am at Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour 50 - 100 Murray Street

Pyrmont NSW.

The phone has the latest quad band frequency technology which can be used through 3G and

Next G coverage in Australia and with any GSM network around the world, offering significant

logistic and economic advantages.

And it doesn’t stop there—a range of mobile phones are also being released with twin sim

technology; the latest Voice Recognition software; free TV and radio on some models; and the 

first waterproof Mobile Phone Watches in Australia.

Twin Sim Technology means the phone contains two transceivers, as opposed to one in

standard phones, which means that both sims can be active at the same time, enabling two

phone numbers, and even two networks, for the one phone.

Media Liaison:  Darryn Keneally  0410 344 761

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