Iphones Dominate Mobile Data Consumption According To Report

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23rd September 2008, 12:23pm - Views: 943


September 23, 2008





...Amethon Australian Mobile Internet Insight Study finds

iPhone users consumed six times as much data as average

mobile users...

An Australian Mobile Internet Insight study has found that browsing habits and

data consumption for users of the new 3G Apple device is significantly higher

than the average mobile device.  The report, which provides insight into

Australia’s mobile web browsing activities for August, says that the iPhone

completely dominated data consumption behaviour and iPhone generated

traffic was growing at nine per cent per day.

The Australian Mobile Internet Insight, which is the first issue of a bi-monthly

report, found that almost six times as much data was consumed during the

average iPhone browsing session compared with the average mobile session


2.07 MB versus 0.30 MB.

The report also notes the average page size for iPhone browsing is more than

double the mobile average - a result that the authors of the report believe is

due to iPhone users browsing the desktop versions of websites with higher-

quality content than the mobile versions.

iPhone users were found to delve into sites more deeply and browse for

longer than mobile and desktop users, with iPhone users browsing for 2.8

minutes, almost double the duration of average mobile users at 1.6 minutes,

and even ahead of desktop users who average 2.4 minutes.  Amethon

believes that this statistic will change as iPhone ownership lengthens – and as

the first bills arrive for iPhone owners.

“Proud new iPhone owners are very likely to be surprised by incredibly high

data usage, because of the quantity of data consumed with their heavy web

browsing. Our belief is that many will adjust their browsing habits as the

novelty wears off and some may upgrade their current plan to allow them

more data usage,” said James Cleary, CTO of Amethon.

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Other interesting facts

iPhone site navigation was found by the report to be higher even than

desktop usage and a lot higher than mobile usage. The average page

views per visit for the iPhone were 73% higher than other mobiles and 30%

higher than desktop browsers. However, the report interprets this activity as

experiential browsing, with iPhone users trying browsing and showing off

the capability to friends in their first few weeks of ownership.

It was found that iPhone users browse at similar times of day to average

mobile users; however iPhone browsing seemed to be proportionally

greater in the morning, around 8am and did not exhibit as large an

evening peak, between 9pm and 10pm, than the average mobile user. 

This morning spike could be that there are a large proportion of business

users for the iPhone.  Saturday seems to be the peak browsing day for

both iPhone and average mobile users, due to heavy usage of weekend

sports content.

iPhone users were found to be almost twenty times more likely to use

desktop versions of web search engines than the average mobile user

who is predominantly using the mobile version, at 97 per cent versus 43.6

per cent for mobile.  Google dominates as the main source of mobile

search, with 95.5 per cent of the share with Yahoo! a distant second at just

3.5 per cent.  For the iPhone users, Google is even more popular with 97

per cent of the market and Yahoo! with only 2.9 per cent of the share.


About the data

This report draws on data aggregated from Amethon’s global client base with

a specific focus on providing insight into Australia’s mobile web browsing

activities for the first two weeks of August 2008.  

The number of global mobile browsing sessions analysed by Amethon’s

Mobile Analytics technology during the month of August is more than 5

million.  More than 80% of visitors to Australian sites are from Australia.

The amount of mobile traffic in the global data set is more than 100 million

page views.  The report represents browsing and download traffic only and

does not include streaming or P2P data.

About Amethon

Please see www.amethon.com for more information.

For further information and images, please contact:

Louise Roberts or Pru Quinlan

Einsteinz Communications - for Amethon

T: (02) 8905 0995

M: 0405 579633

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Email: louise@einsteinz.com.au or pru@einsteinz.com.au 

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