Mobiclip Offers 3g Tv On Apple Iphone(tm)

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27th February 2009, 09:04am - Views: 680

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Mobiclip Offers 3G TV on Apple iPhone(TM)

PARIS, Feb. 27 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    - 3G TV on iPhone With the FRANCE 24 LIVE Application

    The first Live TV channel on 3G Network on iPhone

    France 24 is the first television channel in the world which is accessible live and on the 3G

network on iPhone. The application "FRANCE 24 LIVE", which can be found on the Mobiclip

distribution platform, is available free of charge from App Store. It allows users to display all the

programmes from the France 24 channel in live streaming.

    Mobiclip offers a unique experience on iPhone, allowing access to flux TV from the "chaine

d'information internationale" (French International News Network) of a high quality and via whatever

network is available: Edge, 3G or WiFi. The Mobiclip platform for France 24 is personalised with the

colours of the channel. It offers three live television channels in French, English and Arabic. The

latest news and several magazine programmes are also available via the application, by streaming

or by download.

    "We are proud to provide the first application to view live television on the 3G network on iPhone.

We pay great attention to the comments of the users as we continually make improvements. More

than 100,000 users have already opted for the France 24 Live application on the telephone." André

Pagnac, PDG (President) of Mobiclip Inc. said.

    Mobiclip technology

    Mobiclip is a video distribution platform, live or on demand, via the mobile phones Symbian,

Windows Mobile and iPhone. It is marketed as a own-brand product and delivered "turnkey" to

television channels and to the programme editors. On the telephone of the end user, the Mobiclip

application adopts all the graphic elements of the channel and appears in the main menu

of the telephone .

    The Mobiclip company foresees a rapid uptake of its platform everywhere in the world among its

international clients.

    About Mobiclip Inc.

    The company Mobiclip Inc, formally known as Actimagine Corp, provides a video distribution

platform for mobiles. This platform is available as an own-brand product and allows the

transmission of television channels and the programme listing on demand.

    Mobiclip technology is provided under licence to key players in the market including Sony-

Pictures, Paramount, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson or even Nintendo Co. Ltd.


    SOURCE: Mobiclip

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