Moka Partners With China Mobile For Mobile Chinese To English Language Translation And Language Lear

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27th October 2008, 02:44pm - Views: 625

Moka Partners With China Mobile for Mobile Chinese to English Language Translation and Language


BEIJING, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    Moka, LLC, the world's leading supplier of network-based mobile translation and language learning

services, announced today that Sichuan Mobile Communication Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of

China Mobile Communications Corporation (NYSE: CHL), China's largest telecommunications service

provider, has reached a definitive agreement with Moka LLC to launch Moka's mobile translation and

language learning products in the Sichuan Province of China. With over 26 million mobile subscribers,

Sichuan Mobile is one of the larger subsidiaries of China Mobile. 

    Today, translation and communications between Chinese and English became 

more efficient, easy and portable with the launch of a Chinese to English translation and language learning

technology designed specifically for cell 

phones. Moka, the company behind this unique mobile product, today announced 

its language translation technology intended to help consumers strengthen their communication skills and

overcome language barriers.  

    With over 310 million people learning English in China today and 70% of Chinese students attending at

least one extra-curricular English class, 

English fluency has become one of the major objectives of Chinese students and 

professionals. This combined with the 125 million foreign tourists expected to 

visit China this year has created a significant demand for accessible language 

learning and Chinese-English communication technologies. Moka's new mobile language translation and

learning service is useful for Chinese speakers with 

all levels of English-speaking ability - from advanced speakers who need to look up a word, phrase or

sentence, to beginners, who can use the language lessons to reinforce what they are learning. English

speakers also benefit from the service by being able to better communicate with their Chinese 

friends or business associates.  

    Moka's mobile translation service operates in two modes: self-translation 

and mobile-to-mobile translation. In self-translation mode, anyone with a China Mobile phone can send a

Chinese or English text message and receive it 

back immediately translated into the other language. Mobile-to-mobile 

translation operates in a similar way. For example, a user can send a text message in Chinese to another

user's cell phone, and the recipient will 

receive the message in English. When he or she replies, the message will be translated back into Chinese. 

Moka also serves as a mobile language teacher 

helping users learn English on the go through an innovative language-learning 

program called Moka Fun.  Moka Fun was designed for China Mobile's MZone 

subscribers. Moka Fun uses humor and entertaining content to make learning English fun and enjoyable on

a mobile phone. 


    Breaking Down Language Barriers 

    Moka is currently available through all major U.S. carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint,

as well China Mobile subscribers in the 

Sichuan province. This means that US travelers visiting the Sichuan region no 

longer have to worry about overcoming the language gap. Whether living in China or visiting from abroad,

English speakers can for the first time 

communicate freely without the need for a human translator. 

    "When over 310 million people of all ages in China learning English today, 

Moka provides a unique on the go learning and communication tool that has never been available before.

Moka's partnership with China Mobile combines the 

Science Telecommunication Moka, LLC 2 image

most advanced mobile language translation service with the marketing power of 

the world's largest wireless carrier to help people in China learn languages 

in a completely new way.  Moka and China Mobile are poised to transform 

English learning behavior and multilingual communications by providing an easy, fun, and cool way of

learning and communicating", said Eric Fang, 

President of Moka China. 

    "We are very happy to cooperate with Moka in providing a mobile 

translation and language learning product for our Sichuan Province customers", 

a Sichuan Mobile senior management source said. 

    Michael Donahue, CEO and Co-founder of Moka, continues: "China Mobile is 

one of the largest mobile operators in the world today, and we are excited to 

be in a position to support their growth. Our vision is to provide simple and 

easy mobile translation solutions that bring people together by eliminating the language barriers that exist



    About Moka, LLC 

    Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida and Beijing, China, Moka is a privately held company that is

removing language barriers by providing the most accurate and accessible real-time language translation

service available 

in the world today. Moka provides a universal translator that allows users to 

chat instantaneously with friends or business associates in different 

languages using text messaging on their cell phones (SMS) or Skype. Moka also 

enables language learning on the go with real-time contextual language study 

via a mobile phone or the web. Moka uses the most advanced translation 

technology available, which is able to adapt to text-messaging slang terms and 

usage in order to provide the most accurate translation possible. Moka's 

translation technology currently offers three language selections, English, Spanish and Chinese, focusing on

information about 

Moka's mobile and online language translation and language learning products. 


    About China Mobile 

    Sichuan Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. (China Mobile) was officially established on April 20th, 2000

and is directly under the central government. 

It is a key state-owned enterprise based on the mobile business that split from the former China Telecom as

a result of the reform and restructuring of 

China's communications industry. China Mobile has wholly-owned subsidiaries in 

10 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central 

government) in China and went public on the Hong Kong and New York Stock 

Exchanges (NYSE: CHL). 




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              or in the US, Diego Winegardner, 


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