Onmobile Developer Network Crosses 1.1 Lakh Subscribers With Its Maiden Offering - Antakshari In Les

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25th August 2009, 04:21pm - Views: 981

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OnMobile Developer Network Crosses 1.1 Lakh Subscribers With its Maiden Offering - Antakshari in

Less Than 3 Months!

BANGALORE, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    OnMobile Developer Network's first of its kind Speech Applications App

Store product, Antakshari, has been successfully received in the market with

over 1.1L users accessing the application within the first 3 months of

launch. Antakshari is the first of its kind innovative Multi Lingual Speech

recognition product to be offered on the Speech App Store. Mobile Antakshari

has been developed by Hexolabs, a Mobile VAS product innovation and

consulting company, incubated by IIT Kanpur Innovation cell.

    Speech based MVAS services will continue to prove popular and relevant to

subscribers from regional and rural India who form a dominant share of the

growing Indian mobile market. While on one side there is an increase in

demand by consumers for timely and local language based speech products, on

the other side Speech products are difficult to develop with significant

effort and long lead times for development involved. Entrepreneurs like

Hexolabs were willing to invest in this technology, but lacked easy

development tools to build these products.

    At OnMobile we believe that these innovators hold key to the

future of the industry. With this vision, OnMobile has taken the initiative

to build an ecosystem "OnMobile Developer Network (ODN)" that focuses on

fostering the development of innovative speech based MVAS solutions. ODN

makes it easy for developers to build multi-lingual speech applications using

a simple SDK. Applications developed using this SDK run on OnMobile's robust

Industry Standards based Multi Modal Platform, Ozone.

    While the business opportunities in the MVAS industry are

significant for speech based solutions, there are many challenges like high

cost of ownership, market access, domain expertise which have to be overcome.

Leveraging its relationships in the industry, OnMobile Developer Network is

first-of-its kind "Speech App store" that shares domain expertise, best

practices, technology know-how, marketing and operational support. The launch

of Hexolab's Antakshari across Idea Cellular's pan-India network and its fast

uptake in the market demonstrates ODN's benefits to developers.

    Speaking about ODN, Arvind Rao, CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman, OnMobile

Global says, "Our philosophy has been to promote innovation that offers

significant economic impact to the customer and the consumer. The OnMobile

Developer Network offers a platform for developers to monetize their idea. We

are proud to present this platform to innovators as we believe that this will

grow the market and will eventually help us all in the long run as it brings

more content to the consumer."

    Antakshari From Hexolabs, A case study

    Launch date: May 2009


    Operators Launched in: Idea Cellular (MM No: 55455 & 55855), Soon to

    launch in 2 more operators


    Total Subscribers: 1.1 Lakhs within 3 months!


    Available Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam


    Repeat Customers: 30%


    Antakshari is one of the first applications developed by an OnMobile

    Developer Network partner that has been launched commercially in the

    Indian market. Antakshari, brings the popular music competitive

    capability to the mobile, and is being rolled out by Idea for its

    customers across India. Idea users will be able to dial 55855 and access

    this innovative product.


    Antakshari is the best demonstration of OnMobile Developer Network's

    ability to develop and launch complex voice based products using minimal

    effort to combine multiple components such as multi-lingual speech

    recognition, subscription & billing via Voice and SMS


    This multi-lingual speech recognition based game has leapfrogged

    imagination of speech recognition innovations in Indian Mobile Space. The

    application recognizes a song sung/ uttered with 90% accuracy. The

    service pits your musical wits throwing in a new flavor tickling

    consumer's musical senses in regional languages.


    The current version of the application has already got many users

    addicted. The next version of this application is all geared up to sweep

    the market with new feature - A Multi-Player podium for Antakshari



    Mr Rajamanohar, Founder and Chief Strategist, Hexolabs, said, "We are

    very enthusiastic about the Antakshari. It has been quite a challenge for

    the team to create Mobile variation of traditional game Antakshari. I

    thank the team at OnMobile for their continued guidance in this journey

    and do hope that more innovators come forward to utilize and explore the

    full potential of this technologically advanced platform."


    Given the popularity that Antakshari enjoys even today across ages and

    geographies, Mobile Antakshari has already received a good response. Now

    if you are driving alone or on a bus ride, Family functions, picnics or

    an evening with friends....you have a new companion Mobile Antakshari to

    keep you entertained anytime...anywhere!

    While Antakshari is hooking many Indian consumers in its new

avtar, keep an eye out for more innovation from OnMobile Developer Network

and its partners!

    About OnMobile Global

    OnMobile is India's largest white labeled VAS company for

Mobile, Landline and Media Service Providers. OnMobile offers a one-stop

solution for all needs through an innovative array of products in M-commerce,

entertainment, media portals & interactive television programming, mobile

marketing, user-generated content & social networking, mobile utility, data &

3G, and information & network products. The services are available across a

range of channels like SMS, Voice, WAP, USSD and On-Device Portals, enabling

end-to-end solutions.

    Media Contact: 

    Mamta Bhat - mamta.bhat@onmobile.com

    Manager- Marketing

    OnMobile Global Ltd

    Mob: +91-98452-19886

    Off: +91-80-4180-2733

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    SOURCE: OnMobile Global Limited

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