Radio Grabs: Telstra Rejects Actu Claims

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21st July 2008, 02:43pm - Views: 1050

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RADIO GRABS: Telstra Rejects ACTU Claims

Monday 21 July, 2008: Telstra is calling on the ACTU and unions to respect the verdict of the

Workplace Ombudsman which cleared its AWA re-offer to employees late last year.

Telstra has also dismissed the ACTU's latest claims it psychologically profiled its workforce, labelling

them "a gross distortion".

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Spokesperson: Telstra Director of Workplace Relations, Darren Fewster

#1 (23 Seconds): Says the claims made by the ACTU have already been investigated and cleared by the

Workplace Ombudsman…

#2 (18 Seconds): Says the ACTU have simply re-hashed a document which the Workplace Ombudsman

has already investigated…

#3 (28 Seconds): Says the ACTU and unions need to respect the decision of the independent workplace

umpire and the choice of their employees to remain on individual agreements…

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