Research And Development In Australia Set To Get A Boost

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26th August 2009, 11:54am - Views: 1023
Research and Development in Australia set to get a boost

Telstra is seeking the brightest ideas from the research and development community to be part of Telstra's External Research and Development Program in 2009.

"Telstra is launching the External Research and Development Program to forge stronger links with researchers and developers across Australia," Telstra Chief Technology Officer Hugh Bradlow said.

"As a technology leader, Telstra has an interest in fostering innovation and supporting the Australian research community. We are inviting all groups involved in research and development whether research institutions, universities, start-ups, established companies or equipment vendors - to let us know about their projects, and we will choose a number of these to support. As the largest Australian telco we can support these project by offering access to internal experts, facilitated meetings with suppliers and other types of in-kind support,"

Dr Bradlow said Telstra will consider any idea or program which will potentially provide a benefit or new service to industry or Australian end-users and be relevant to Telstra's business.

"The range of projects may be diverse for example environmentally focussed projects, such as new energy management, water management and climate change, ranging through to technology focussed projects that have a view to the future such as cloud computing, smart infrastructure or urban development."

Selection for the Telstra External Research and Development Program will be a two-part process. Interested parties are invited to submit a prcis of their project via by 16 September 2009. A shortlist of projects will be selected and the principals of these projects will be invited to present at the Telstra External R&D day in November to a panel of senior Telstra executives.

"The selection process will provide the opportunity for researchers to demonstrate the value of their idea or proposition and how this is innovative in providing a solution. Telstra encourages and supports innovation and technology excellence, we look forward to exploring with the research and development community how technology will be shaped in the future," Dr Bradlow said.

The Application Terms and Conditions for Telstra's External R&D Program (Assessment Phase) are available from

Media contact: David Luff: 0419 850 205

SOURCE: Telstra

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