Telstra's Network Nerve-centre On Display After 10 Years

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26th August 2009, 05:04pm - Views: 655

Telstra's Network Nerve-Centre on Display After 10 Years

26 August 2009 A decade after the Global Operations Centre first opened its doors, Telstra's networks continue to receive around-the-clock attention thanks to a vision and commitment to technology leadership that are still the industry benchmarks today.

At an event to mark the Global Operations Centre's 10-year anniversary, Group Managing Director Telstra Networks and Services, Michael Rocca said the importance of this world-class facility has grown over the past 10 years, as consumers and businesses increasingly rely on communications.

"The Global Operations Centre has been at the centre of major Australian and world events for 10 years, monitoring and managing the traffic across our networks and keeping Australians connected to each other and the rest of the world," Mr. Rocca said

"As you can expect, international events over the years such as the Sydney Olympics and World Youth Day caused major peaks in network traffic. Having a holistic view of all of our networks, enables us to monitor these peaks, re-routing traffic and adjusting capacity as required."

Locally, Mothers Day, New Year's Eve, and Valentine's Day are all favourites among mobile phone users, as people choose SMS and MMS to contact loved ones. For example, last New Year's Eve Telstra customers sent over 1 million MMS messages and over 100 million SMS messages.

Another interesting trend occurs on the first business day after Australia Day, when significant increases in network traffic are experienced each year, possibly as a result of people returning to work after school holidays.

Network trends over the past decade reveal that Australians are keen to embrace new ways of communicating and Telstra's network ecosystem has evolved to bring new and world leading technology to our customers.

Ten years ago Telstra had around 3 million mobile services in Australia, SMS messages could not be sent between carriers, people listened to music on their walkmans and it would be another two years before Apple would launch the iPod.

Today, there are over 10 million Telstra mobile services in operation, almost 9 billion SMSs are sent by Telstra customers each year, and more than a million Telstra wireless broadband customers, who among other things, use their connections to download music instead of buying it on CD.

"Our networks have changed significantly in the last 10 years and the Global Operations Centre is instrumental in managing all the modifications we make, from the smallest configuration change to major events like the activation of Telstra's Next G and Next IP networks and switching off the CDMA network.

"Telstra showed great vision when we decided to build this centre the first of its kind in the world and our vision has influenced many other companies internationally looking to centralise their operations, including NASA and other telecommunication carriers," Mr Rocca said.

Last year, Telstra's Global Operations Centre managed:

* Almost 5 billion local PSTN calls
* Almost 9 billion SMS messages
* Over 10 million Telstra mobile services in operation
* Over a million wireless broadband customers


Media contact: Martin Barr: 0418 101 127

SOURCE: Telstra

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