Travel Warning: Mobile Roaming Rort Continues

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30th July 2009, 09:00am - Views: 1069

Release: Date 30 July 2009


When travellers return home, being knocked out by jetlag is nothing compared to

opening their mobile phone bill. Bills in the hundred, and even thousand of

dollars are common for mobile roaming. 

BackChat Mobile, Australia’s leading provider of mobile roaming solutions, has

released its Mobile Roaming Index showing that mobile roaming charges

continue to increase as an alarming rate. Over the past two years the cost of

making a call while overseas has increased by a massive 20%, and the cost of

receiving a call while overseas by 30%. Calls from some countries, such as Hong

Kong, have increased by a whopping 75%!

Danny Nathanson, CEO BackChat Mobile said, “Travellers continue to be ripped

off by the larger carriers when it comes to roaming charges. BackChat has

shown that you can cut roaming charges by up to 80%.” “It is unbelievable” he

added “that the carriers have increased their roaming rates substantially over the

past few years, while other telecommunications pricing has fallen”.

He said, “Travellers certainly cannot rely on the government to make any

difference to the exorbitant roaming charges.  In the recent Parliamentary Inquiry

into Mobile Roaming (March 09) it was noted: “Users of roaming services hoping

for costs to fall should not be in any doubt that regulatory action will take time

and is likely to only be periodically successful. “ 

In some popular destinations such as Indonesia, China and Germany, travellers

can pay up to $6 per minute for making a one-minute call home.

Examples of a 1-minute roaming call back to Australia:








UAE (Dubai)




New Zealand








Indonesia (Bali)








All rates per minute, from carrier websites 7 July 09

It is clear that roaming users wishing to reduce the cost of staying in touch while

travelling need to consider some of the alternatives to roaming. These include

using hotel phones and BackChat’s GlobalSIM.

BackChat Mobile has deals with more than 400 carriers in over 130 countries to

give customers the best price when using their mobile phones overseas. Using

their unique java-encoded SIMcards, BackChat’s GlobalSIM has rates that are

up to 80% lower than with traditional mobile carriers, and receiving calls is free in

50 countries. This Australian based company offers one SIMcard for all


BackChat starter packs are available from $49 include GlobalSIM card and calls.


Media contact: Danny Nathanson, CEO, 1300 422 452 or 0403 801 833

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